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Leah Mott

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Leah created Lake Effect Wellness in 2020 to provide mental health care to the Milwaukee community. She is passionate about working together with clients to create a personalized journey to mental wellness. She specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Leah works with clients to reach their full potential. She helps people reconnect with their mind, body, and spirit to lead a purposeful and joyful life.  

In her practice, Leah is skilled at balancing the science of medication management with the holistic practices of counseling, mindfulness, meditation, and restorative yoga.

She has been practicing psychiatry in Milwaukee since 2016 in a variety of settings including private practice, community mental health centers, and hospitals.

Leah is a board certified mental health nurse practitioner, and she is licensed in the state of Wisconsin. She received her Master's of Science in Nursing degree from Alverno College in Milwaukee.

All are welcome at Lake Effect Wellness, and Leah is a fervent supporter of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ members of her community.

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